Can We Solve the Covid USA Problem in America is a company owned by Roman Abramovich. The main aim of this Russian billionaire is to transform Chelsea into a world-class soccer player. He has already revolutionized other businesses, so why not football? The answer is simple: he wants to make money by selling super tickets to hundreds of thousands of people.

Can We Solve the Covid USA Problem

The problem that America is facing today is what to do in order to give its citizens a better economy. Without education, without a job, and without hope, total collapse is unavoidable. But how to deal with this crisis? We have a rich but decaying economy, and we know that it needs help. This is where the Russian businessman comes into play.

The first problem that America is dealing with is an aging population. The United States will soon be a retirement country due to the number of baby boomers, who cannot find jobs. Total economic decline is the only answer, because if the economy will not get better, everything will end up failing. To prevent total collapse, the government must invest money in infrastructure, research and development, and give educational opportunities to those who really need them. So, how the government give solutions to the problems? It’s easy.

First of all, they create a new economic policy based on free trade. That means that products from the USA are allowed in the European market, meaning that the European companies can sell to America, without having to compensate American companies for damages. After several years, this will allow total economic growth. Then, the European companies will start to sell again, and the United States will have more money, thanks to free trade. That’s how the goverment give solutions to total collapse.

Second of all, the government will invest in research and development of alternative energy solutions. Again, after several years, this solution will become profitable, because fossil fuels will no longer be needed. If you think that we are facing total collapse because of the climate change, then you’re wrong, because we live in the most advanced country in the world, so it’s not going to be destroyed. If we will follow the path of Mother Nature, we will face few problems, but climate change is a disaster for the whole world. So the solution is the development of alternative energy sources, and the reduction of dependency on oil, gas, coal and other dangerous gases. It will be less expensive and less toxic.

The solution is represented by a program called Cap and Trade. In this program, the government will allow companies to emit certain substances into the atmosphere and then pay for the resulting damages. The carbon emission is the main cause of global warming, and this step will allow us to find new sources of heating and cooling, so that we can solve the current problem and future problems. The government believes that this step will reduce U.S. dependence on oil and gasoline by over 50 percent.

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